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What are Eyelash Extensions and what kind do you use?

Eyelash Extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes, which are applied to the natural lash to give it that extra luscious boost of length, and thickness.
I currently use Dreamlash™ eyelash extensions, which are a simple, gentle, high-end spa system of semi-permanent, lash extensions.

How do you apply Eyelash Extensions and how long does it take?

I apply all Eyelash Extensions individually, one by one, but there are a lot more techniques put in place to be able to offer a premium application every time. I can generally complete a set in 1 hour depending on the customized look you would like.
Because applying eyelash extensions is meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration, it should not be rushed in order to ensure my clients leave with a perfect set of lashes.

How long do they last?

I provide Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions meaning that even though the adhesive lasts the entire life of the client’s lash-cycle (up to 3 months), the natural lash will eventually shed, causing them to need a new application on the new growth.

When will I need to get a touch up or fill?

Most clients will find that they require touch ups (fills) every 4 weeks if they would like to maintain a full, thick set of lashes. There are various ways to perform fills. While others will just tack on more lashes, I remove the extensions that have grown out or became dislodged, and replaces them with fresh, new Eyelash Extensions so you can count on results as good as the first set.

Does this damage your Natural Lashes?

There are a variety of factors, which will determine whether eyelash extensions are safe for a client’s natural lashes. These include proper training, adhesive formulation and correct eyelash extensions weight.

Can I Still Wear Eye-Makeup and Mascara?

Yes absolutely! Because of the effect of Eyelash Extensions, many clients find they no longer need eyeliner or mascara. If you would still like to wear mascara for extra oomph on the weekends or those night outs, make sure that it is only a water-based mascara (not waterproof), that compliments your Eyelash Extensions without shortening the life of your new lashes.

Can I Perm or Curl my Eyelash Extensions?

Curling or Perming Eyelash Extensions is not recommended or necessary. As the lashes come already permanently pre-curled, we can find the right curl for you!
Do you Eyelash Extensions Come in Different Colours, Sizes and Thicknesses?
You bet! There are various lengths and thicknesses of Eyelash Extensions. As this is not a “one size fits all” service, there is a definite art and science to blending the different sizes and thicknesses to ensure the client leaves with a beautiful, customized set of lashes.

Are your Extensions Adhered to the Skin?

No, eyelash extensions should never touch your skin. Our Eyelash Extensions look, feel, and sit like natural eyelashes because they are adhered only to existing natural lashes.

Are Eyelash Extensions Suitable for Everyone?

Eyelash Extensions can be used on all clients who have healthy eyes. We do not recommend a client to receive Eyelash Extensions in they have (or have recently had) an eye infection or eye surgery.




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