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About Me

My Name is Doris, and I am proud to call myself a Lash Artist. I have 2 beautiful kids, Jax (3) and, TJ (5). Right after my first pregnancy, and going through all the after effects (both physical & emotional), I found I needed to do something where I felt good about myself for once. Truly, it was a start in feeling confident about myself as a daughter, mother, and wife. I started my career path as a banker, and gave up climbing the corporate ladder to be able to make others feel the same way I feel today. You’ll be sure to be greeted with open arms in a super non-intimidating environment.

Why Mere Lash?

  1. I’ve been trained IN PERSON by the best in Lash Artistry. Yup, that means no online videos/training here. I’ve been one of the lucky few who have had the opportunity to be able to work under the founder of Dreamlash – Angela May.
  2. I value TIME! As a mother of 2, I can’t stress enough of the importance of time. Others may feel its okay to complete a full set in 2-3 hours, I don’t! I can generally complete a full set of CUSTOMIZED to you lashes within an hour.
  3. I love BABIES! Gone are the days when you feel like you can no longer go to a spa now that you have a baby. I felt that way as well, which is why I fell in love with home spas. With me, you never have to sacrifice that spa experience, without leaving your little one. Feel free to bring along your rugrat in my baby friendly home (unfortunately, I’m unable to accommodate furry friends at this time), and do something for YOU this time.
  4. NO DOWNTOWN PARKING! My home spa is conveniently located in Willow Park. You never have to worry about having any change, watching the meter, or praying that that van (you know which one I’m talking about!) drives by.
  5. QUALITY PRODUCTS that have been tested over and over to assure that you are receiving top notch for your eyes!
  6. I am like YOU! Although, I can easily say I’m one thrifty mama, when it comes to me, I’m willing to pay for quality. I’m a big believer in ‘you get for what you pay for,’ especially when it comes to how to you look.
  7. You’ll always get ME. You’ll never have to worry about coming into your appointment and seeing a new face with high turnovers of big salons. I look forward to seeing the same clients over and over and over again.
  8. Check out my TESTIMONIALS!
  9. I’m a MASTER CERTIFIED Eyelash Artist. I dedicate my profession to making your eyes look their best, therefore you can be confident that you’re in great hands. No taking chances with Daily Deal Coupons and not knowing if you’re technician is experienced.
  10. I have THE BEST Clients!! So I treat you like the BEST!! You Deserve it!




“Fantastic Lashes!! I’ve been going to Merelash for about 4 months and I can not recommend Doris highly enough! She is both very talented and professional and will do her utmost to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with your lashes. I have highly recommended Merelash and Doris to both friends and strangers! You won’t be disappointed!”